YouTube and Video Marketing for the Automotive Industry

Over 75% of auto shoppers say online video has influenced their shopping habits or purchases. Automotive groups and car dealerships should never ignore the power of social media marketing and understand the pathway to be a winner in the online video space. Auto-related videos are the fifth most popular video category on YouTube!  

Video Marketing

On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than any cable network, and the videos they're watching were created for brands just like yours. Life is about learning and experiences. People want to learn about and experience your brand. So, how do you choose the best social media marketing agency? Check out their video content.

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Forget Storytelling. 2019 will be the year of Storyselling!

Over 75% of auto shoppers say that online video has influenced their shopping habits or purchases. 60% of auto shoppers who watched video during the research process, reported visiting a dealership or dealer website after watching a video of a vehicle they were considering. YouTube is uniquely positioned to help both brands and consumers with their experience, enabling them to connect in smarter, more meaningful ways. 

Create videos that grab attention

Video marketing is no longer a trend, it’s mainstream. Internet users spend an average of 15 hours each week watching digital video, and Cisco predicted that video will make up 82 percent of all internet traffic in 2021. If you haven’t started investing in video marketing, you’re already behind the top companies in your industry. Ask us how to create a video strategy for your business today!  

Educate through humor and drive results

Certain aspects appear in marketing over and over, like before-and-after, testimonials, product demos, and credible spokespeople. So many companies are doing exactly the same thing. You need to break through that noise to get your brand noticed and to help viewers learn about your product or service. 

After all, two of the main reasons people turn to platforms like YouTube are to be entertained and to learn something new. A video campaign blending these two things is very effective. 

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