Eric Cargill - General Sales Manager|Jim Trenary Chevrolet

Eric Cargill- General Sales Manager | Jim Trenary Chevrolet

Please accept this as my personal and professional endorsement of Benny Mazzier, as an outstanding business partner to Jim Trenary Chevrolet. Benny and his team have worked on our account since the beginning of our partnership. Each one has shown initiative and drive to help push our online presence to record levels. During our partnership, they have brought new ideas and expertise to digital marketing campaigns. As a team, and as individuals, they have worked seamlessly with our organization, I absolutely recommend them to any organization looking for a solid, knowledgeable, driven team, in digital marketing.

Julie R. Douglas | Dealer Pay

Dealer Pay LLC 
Julie R. Douglas

I highly recommend Benny Mazzier! As a business owner in two extremely competitive industries, both dealerships and payments, I have finally found a digital marketing and SEO professional that can keep up. Not only has Benny introduced several different and "out of the box" ides to gain more exposure, but he is also willing to put in the work. If your business needs to get to the next level on a specific project or as a whole, I recommend contacting Benny just as soon as possible. 

-Julie R. Douglas   

President, Sales Lady Extraordinaire

John Cucchi | Sales Manager | KSDK - 5 On Your Side

Benny Mazzier-Digital Sales Manager

April 18 

I have worked with Benny on several projects at KSDK and am impressed by his ability to identify and analyze the core issues at hand. Combined with his great execution skills and dedication, he carries the process throughout and enables big decisions to de made with comfort. He is not afraid to ask the ‘tough questions’ and truly understand what it takes to make businesses successful. His very focused on ROI and executes successful growth strategies specifically designed around the businesses well-defined goals. I highly recommend Benny to any company looking for a partner in growth strategy.  

Kirstin Martin | Owner/Strategist - AdVenture Advertising Agency


Kirstin Martin reviewed Benny Mazzier5 star

May 1 

Benny is one of the most influential marketers in the business and is results driven!
He will help your business grow!

Steve Zane Gitlin


Zane Gitlin reviewed Benny Mazzier5 star

March 17
We Love your direction & insight. Saves us time , makes us money. New customers. Priceless! 

Joey Pieper


Joey Yak Pieper reviewed Benny Mazzier5 star

March 20 

Benny trained me and I generated $400,000+ in new business revenue my first year! Long story short, HE.....IS......A.....BEAST!

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