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We are obsessed with helping our clients increase revenue and grow their business. Our team is always looking to the future, identifying tactics and strategies that contribute directly to your bottom-line growth. 

Automotive Marketing Solutions!

Always on the forefront of digital and video marketing innovation, we’ve been adapting our marketing strategies and deliverables to match the evolving needs of today’s digital customers. 

Focus on search intent, when people have money in hand, ready to buy! 

We solve a pain point that I was constantly noticing... business leaders are really good at what they do (running a business), but they generally need help creating a consistently full pipeline of leads for their organization (new customers)

Our niche is generating leads and creating compelling videos. The focus is getting you new customers, increasing your profit margins and growing your revenue 10-30% in the first year. Whether you're in business development, a marketing director, or a business owner, you're in the right place. 

I have generated millions in revenue for hundreds of businesses, by developing and executing digital marketing strategies all across the United States. Winner of numerous awards, I've helped clients in many different industries, launched companies into multi-million dollar corporations and made large companies more profitable. 

After years of working with some of the best CMO's, digital marketing executives and business owners in the nation, Marketing Solutions STL was born. Prior to this, I developed and executed several 6 figure digital marketing strategies for car dealerships, automotive groups, banks, credit unions, dentists, attorneys, roofers, plumbers, HVAC and many other growing industries. Each day we focus on our clients needs and development, optimizing campaigns to continuously deliver more leads and increased performance. 

So, how am I different? I bring you quality leads! 

My digital marketing campaigns are designed to draw visitors and potential customers in. Real, local, ready to buy consumers, with money in hand! 

Google, Facebook/Instagram, YouTube and Email Marketing are very powerful components of a digital marketing strategy and a sure fire way to generate leads. More than 73% of consumers check their email and Facebook before even leaving for work in the morning. Add Google and YouTube to the mix, and that number significantly increases throughout the day and night.  

Business growth can be achieved by boosting the top line revenue of a business with greater product sales, or increasing the bottom line profitability of the operation by minimizing costs. 

We work with companies to create and implement digital marketing strategies based on the needs and goals of each specific part of the business. These strategies are centered on only the products and services you offer and which part of the business you want to grow. 

Our skilled consultants partner with you to create a detailed digital marketing plan. Understanding your goals, expectations, target audience, and message, allows us to execute a successful campaign using the appropriate media mix. We think creatively and analytically, allowing us to gain increased results and make the car buying process easier! 


Digital Marketing Strategies Include: 


  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • YouTube Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Automotive Marketing Solutions
  • TEXTiUM and Direct Mail

Benny Mazzier

Benny Mazzier

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We take a consultative business approach instead of a product approach, focusing on ROI and placing your message in front of the most relevant audiences. Consumers want value! We develop strategic marketing plans for our clients, so we can deliver the desired results. Our goal is to develop long-term mutually successful partnerships, that set you up to WIN!  

 We are your #1 source for lead generation in St. Louis!  

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